This is our schedule for the Fall 2017 semester.  Note that this is subject to change as activities are determined by how things are going along and student needs. I have also provided links to the relevant Tree of Life pages which indicate the phylogeny and provide other basic information and connections to other resources for each group; these links are just starting points. (Note the CC license on most of these pages).
Aug 28 Mon Creating the course structure together, Twitter, Phylogeny
Aug 30 Weds Domain (site) set-up, Classification, Systematics, Cladistics
Sep 4 Mon No class, Labor Day (work on site set up)
Sep 6 Weds Animal origins, Protists
Sep 11 Mon Protists
Sep 13 Weds Protists (live protists in lab)
Sep 18 Mon Porifera
Sep 20 Weds Porifera
Sep 25 Mon Cnidaria
Sep 27 Weds Cnidaria
Oct 2 Mon Cnidaria
Oct 4 Weds Platyhelminthes
Oct 9 Mon Platyhelminthes
Oct 11 Weds Platyhelminthes
Oct 16 Mon Rotifera
Oct 18 Weds Nematoda
Oct 23 Mon Nematoda
Oct 25 Weds Annelida
Oct 30 Mon Annelida
Nov 1 Weds Arthropoda
Nov 6 Mon Arthropoda
Nov 8 Weds Arthropoda
Nov 13 Mon Arthropoda
Nov 15 Weds Mollusca
Nov 20 Mon Mollusca
Nov 22 Weds No class, Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 27 Mon Mollusca
Nov 29 Weds Echinodermata
Dec 4 Mon Echinodermata
Dec 6 Weds Chordata
Dec 13 Weds Final Exam period 10:30am-12:30pm